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**FREE 1-ON-1 TRAINING when you join my Nutrition Program, with a minimum of a 3-Month commitment. 

Personal Training Session (without nutrition plan) $85/Session

  • 2 People or More Personal Training Session: $80/Session
  • Boot Camp Class (4 or more): $18/Per person
  • Online 4-Week Workout: $85 Total
  • Online 8-Week Workout: $150 Total
  • Online 12-Week Workout: $250 Total 


  • One-Time Meal Plan Guide: $60
  • 4-Week Meal Plan Guide: $85
  • 8-Week Meal Plan Guide: $150
  • 12-Week Meal Plan Guide: $250
  • Blood Panel Test: $225. If you have any questions or simply feel you’d need guidance as to how you can get started-I offer a one-time FREE 15-minute consultation. Email me at

Please Use Venmo App to send payments.


Disclaimer: After payment had been rendered and services, i.e. meal plans or workouts have been dispensed- we do not offer refunds. In the case of any product being dispensed-if there’s anything faulty or resulting in a non-perfect product shipped, we do offer returns or refunds.

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