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Jessica Fusco, The best wellness expert in miami, personal trainer

I’m Jessica Fusco, C.P.T., C.N.C., a Miami based Personal trainer, Sports Nutrition Expert and Lifestyle Coach. My method is a cultivation of having lived in India studying Ashtanga yoga, Mediation, and Ayurveda, following shortly after; taking my passions to Rome, Italy where I worked as an English teacher while learning the flavors and methods of cooking Mediterranean style, then combining my love of extreme interval training to offer you a style of training that’s tailored to your specific needs.

It is through these combination of Nutrition, Sports Conditioning, Yoga, Interval Training and Lifestyle Counseling that I bring about a shift in my Client’s Health and Emotional well-being.

My Philosophy is one that coincides with the natural order of things. Since seasons change in order for a new purpose to take shape, so too should your food and exercise program. Every 12 weeks we adjust and change the way you eat and what type of energy you burn. This assures that you keep your body in it’s natural rhythm while continuously burning fat, creating a strong heart muscle, and buliding lean muscle mass.

My mission is to bring authenticity back to nutrition and exercise; to educate people that change is necessary in order to grow; and to liberate people’s minds of food and exercise limitations so they can create space for something more creative and rewarding.

I offer Both Online/Offline Nutrition plans/counseling and Personal training sesisons. In addition to my services, I lead online workshops showing women the things I have learned along this journey and the things I’m continuously learning to keep getting healthier, more efficient with nutrition, and keeping my training program effective. Join me.

To Book a One-To-One consultation or set up a nutrition/Fitness Plan with me, Please email: Jessicaafusco@gmail.com.

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